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Mis or Misty Interactive Studios started as a small freelance company with one employee Krishna.
He started as a designer for companies looking for Logos, Branding, UI designs for cheap. His first project was a $25 Logo design to be delivered in 24 hours. He not only designed and delivered the logo, but also created a Web Mockup for that client to show how she could use the logo in digital realm.
Moving to year 2011, Krishna partnered with talented developers to deliver slightly complex Websites and Plugins, still helping small businesses with their digital requirements but on a budget.
2012-2014 MIS gained skills and knowledge on research and development of complex apps and products. We worked on Logistics and Medical Learning System for two offshore companies operating in USA.

This was a big step for our company, as we were diving into a new stream of difficulties and challenges we never faced before. But with all the support, learning, and information available online and through very smart people we met along the way, we delivered on our promise.

2015-2018 MIS shifted focus to address the Education industry. As growing up (punn intended) we learnt the hard way, as to how the information is received or delivered, and information is knowledge and wisdom. We dedicated our time in designing and developing products for clients in Education sector but at the same time invested our own resources and funding to build a product that would help Schools and Higher Education organizations to deliver information in a seamless and non damaging way. We named the product Live Learning. The product is under construction and will aim to solve two problems for higher education schools :

1. Students that are near graduation and are working, hates going to the class. Their mindset is already tuned to the work environment and they would rather do something that brings them immediate cashflow than to come to a four hour SFU class to just finish an elective. Live Learning addresses this issue by offering these students an opportunity to take the class using their device wherever they are in the world and complete their examination in the most secure way possible.

2. The second problem is connected with the first one - The above mentioned student's mindset affects the quality of overall class for students that are actually there to study that elective. Live Learning eradicates this problem by not having the above mentioned students attend physical class thus - Schools can have more infrastructure available for students willing to take that elective for credit, and allows teachers to provide more quality during the class and not be bothered by negativity of uninterested students.

2019 MIS will be focussing on helping businesses design and develop practical apps that gets the work done. These apps are meant to function in a way that you as a business owner can have more time in building your business relationships, your employees can enjoy working on things they love to work to work on most. The apps will take care of admin, and managerial work that should have been automated.

Last note: This is a dynamic Our Story page, it will change overtime, as our story grows and builds, we will be adding in more content here to share with you.

Should you be interested in learning how MIS can be a great asset to your company, please do not hesitate to get in touch with Krishna via founder@mis.solutions.

We've come a long way. I started the company as a freelancer, designing logos. The journey had been amazing, now we are venturing Blockchain, AI, Machine Learning and so much more.

Krishna Krishna


The name MIS stands for Misty Interactive Studios. The word “Misty” was adopted from our previous business Misty Chai which was first of its kind subscription based Tea delivery service all done via a smart app. The business was meant for a private peer to peer network. With the transition to IT company it was essential we adopt portion of our unique product. Misty was chosen in the first place to symbolize “smoke, steam, hidden magic”. The idea is to paint a picture that we do some magic in our backend and when the steam settles you have a shiny new product waiting for you to sip on.

Picture of a beautiful horse. Why because 1. Its beautiful 2. You can stare at it for hours and just feel inspired, motivated and feel like a stallion always running towards your goals. So become a horse crush the competition and outrun all the negativity.

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