About us + Office pics.

mis. is a modern bespoke digital service provider, our intentions and actions are heavily influenced by thoughts of brainstorming outside the box.

We've come a long way. I started the company as a freelancer, designing logos. The journey had been amazing, now we are venturing Blockchain, AI, Machine Learning and so much more.

Krishna Krishna


The name MIS stands for Misty Interactive Studios. The word “Misty” was adopted from our previous business Misty Chai which was first of its kind subscription based Tea delivery service all done via a smart app. The business was meant for a private peer to peer network. With the transition to IT company it was essential we adopt portion of our unique product. Misty was chosen in the first place to symbolize “smoke, steam, hidden magic”. The idea is to paint a picture that we do some magic in our backend and when the steam settles you have a shiny new product waiting for you to sip on.

Picture of a beautiful horse. Why because 1. Its beautiful 2. You can stare at it for hours and just feel inspired, motivated and feel like a stallion always running towards your goals. So become a horse crush the competition and outrun all the negativity.

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General: info@mis.solustions
Krishna: founder@mis.solutions

Enterprise Customer Support

122 Pratunam, Bangkok, Thailand


R&D + Development

555 Burard, Vancouver, Canada


Developing House

Salt Lake City, Kolkota, India

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