Daisy Go

A smart and interactive way to manage Daigou (代购 dàigòu) business from any mobile device. The app is secure and packed with some stunning functionalities.

Works with newest versions of iOS and Android

The secret sauce in Daisy Go app is the private peer to peer marketplace.

The peer to peer marketplace provides a secure platform for merchants to showcase their products to buyers that have access to a secret entry code.

This feature ensures no other merchant takes advantage of someone else’s buyers.

Bespoke Welcome Page

mis. designed a custom welcome page as a pre-launch strategy for the Daisy Go app. The page is designed and coded in two languages Mandarin and English which reflects automatically based on the location of the user or their preference manually.

Interactive Seller Management

Now sellers can easily interact with their customers, share product link and info right in the chat module. Once the sale has been approved and paid for sellers get a beautiful animated notification indicating how much money they made.

The overall process is very seamless, our goal here at mis was to make sure that sellers and buyers can have a fun and easy way to get in touch with each other.

Premium Sellers Account

Who does not love some special treatment?

Join the largest online industry

Premium account lets you attract customers from all over the world i.e a $15 Billion USD industry. Premium account holders can enjoy privacy and public freedom.

Native Features (Device specific)

Push Notifications

Daisy have some amazing connections when it comes to push notifications.
Sellers get notified on sales, inqueries, messages and more, whereas buyers get to mark their products as favourites so when they go on sale they get notified.
This is just the surface of how notifications are integrated in Daisy Go app, there is a full suite of native notifications for admin dashboard management.

Make Payments in real-time.

Daisy Go’s smart realtime system allows users from anywhere in the world to be connected with their choice of seller. Daisy Go features multiple payment gateways such as Wechat Pay, Ali Pay, PayPal, Visa, Mastercard, Amex and more to roll out next year.

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