Schools and Programs management system

Do What U Luv is an easy-to-use online management system that allows users to manage, enroll, and, pay for lessons in creative programs. This platform caters to the parents and students who are interested in these programs as well as for the program providers creating a space for them where they come together and interact.

Let’s do some good ✌🏻

DWUL short for Do What U Luv is a not for profit organization (registered charity). They offer after school programs in Canada. We came on board after discussing with DWUL founder Tong Guan how to make their previous system more effecient, more user friendly and much more scalable.

We narrowed down the problem to be with the previous system being on Wordpress giving less flexibility in terms of customization unless DWUL were to use multiple plugins.

We created Version 1 of DWUL with all the major functions in mind and helped sponsor DWUL 70% of developing cost from our company pool of funds.

A very interactive management

DWUL features 4 kinds of backend portals. One for Administratives of the leasing organization the other service providers (clients), third one for parents and students, lastly mis. admin account. The platform is built as SAAS, DWUL have a life time access to the product.

The design and functionalities are open ended allowing us to tweak the system to fit any industry whether be it Program Management, School Management, File Management, Event booking and more.

Helping Kids

Keeping the platform simple did not just help program providers to create amazing programs but also allows parents to find the perfect after school program for their children. All the programs created are seamlessly designed into easy to read cards and displayed on the Homepage and associated pages.

Parent's Portal

DWUL provides parents a very clean portal where they can add their children, manage which programs they have enrolled in, check new announcements or participate in events provided by DWUL and program partners.

Parent portal also allows a p2p messaging system. Parents can easily chat with either the program providers or the other admin user in charge to answer any questions they may have before or after enrollment.

The interactive scheduler is packed with mini features, but works automatically by displaying upcoming programs and more.

DWUL is Responsive

Majority of the customers and public users are performing their daily tasks using mobile devices. Program bookings are no different, DWUL’s responsive layout makes it easier for Parents to manage their portal from any device.

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