Live Learning

Live Learning box is a collection of tools that helps businesses in education industry to manage their students, tutors and assignments. It is designed and developed in portions so that it can fit businesses of all sizes.

It’s an essential tool for anyone in education business.

Features like Live video and audio classes, interactive writing pad, assignment management system, student management, enrolments, accepting tuition fee and more.

School’s Management Portal

School’s dashboard in version 1.0 showcases most important information used on daily basis to manage business. Features such as New Assignment, Pending Assignment, and completed work. The right side the portal is a live dynamic Chat system allowing businesses and tutors to communicate with each other and with their students. The simple and minimal UI helps in increasing productivity and focus. A sleek notification icon on the top right is in sight yet not too distracting.

User management

The accounts portal gives access to managing Students, Tutors, Staff members and in version 2.0 parents. Each user gets their personalized profile which updates dynamically when the enrol in courses, works on assignments or make payments.

Payment history: Check all the payments received, earning graphs and more.

Account Setting: Here you can add your school logo and brand the portal to your needs.

Profiles: Individual profiles gives an easy access to communication and activity history.

User Types and Pricing

Live Learning offers accounts for Students, Schools and Tutors. Version 2 will feature Affiliate businesses and License holders to operate their own copies of Live Learning. Version 2 will also highlight new language components and high definition live tools.






Unlimited Projects
Unlimited Students



Add Tutors
Manage Payments
Manage Students



10 Licenses Dedicated




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