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Updated: Jul 21, 2020

Project Brief: Custom Fintech App for managing personal or company finances. Manage invoices, sync with existing payment gateways, start an interest based investment plan with internal network.

The work is white label app and not delivered as seen in the screenshots. Can be customized and delivered as per your company requirements and style guide.

Core Function Development:

  1. Manage Interac E-Transfers

  2. Manage Merchants Accounts

  3. Create your own Payment Management System

  4. Manage multiple online e-Commerce stores

  5. Integrate Payment module using SDK and Plugin

  6. Manage staff account

  7. Manage finances

  8. Manage bonuses, commissions and gift cards

  9. Offer discounts

  10. Custom theme for each client

  11. Custom logo invoice

  12. Add your branding in email newsletter

  13. Create pop up

  14. Storage secured and accessible by members only

  15. Share files

  16. Chat module

Technology used

React, AWS Hosting.

Twelve months in design and development combined.

Product in ongoing update stage. Currently, being developed only on demand.

Application and Use

The app is used by one customer for managing their Interac E-Transfer payments and merchant accounts.

The app is open to be used in following businesses and scenarios:

  1. Accounting

  2. Investment Company

  3. Sports Company

  4. e-commerce Management

  5. Logistics

  6. Consultants

User Flow

The app activates when merchants receive payments or orders on their websites. The dashboard refreshes and pulls data automatically and on force pull. The payment management is one use case.

Other functions the app offers are as follows:

  1. Share files and folders between members of the company

  2. Manage users, payrolls, bonuses, commissions

  3. Offer investment options, gift cards, benefits to members

  4. Secure voice and video chat between members

  5. Add shipping and logistic tools to dashboard

  6. Browse and add premium plugins from Marketplace (coming soon)

Contact for your project or to learn more about above product.

Cost to build something similar: $50k CAD Timeline: 6 Months Technology: React

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